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Doves Of Donegal

Doves Of Donegal

County Donegal,
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White Dove Release for a More Memorable Occasion

''Tradition has it, that if a couple see a dove on their wedding day, they will have a  happy home!''

White Doves epitomise love, eternal life, happiness and unity. They signify the celebration of the beginning of your new marriage together forever. This is a unique way to express that special love and joy you are feeling on your wedding day. Make your guests remember that they attended a special wedding unlike any other.

From a purely superficial level, pure white doves present a wonderful photo opportunity at any wedding. The bride, more often than not is herself dressed in a beautiful white garment or dress. The softness, gentleness, beauty, fragility and vulnerability of the dove are the very same characteristics displayed and complemented by the bride, on the day she will undoubtedly look her most enchanting.

As a symbolic event, the bride and groom have just been united in the wedding ceremony. In the eyes of god and mankind they are now one. The doves are a symbol of the Holy Spirit and its presence on earth.

The pair of doves who are said to be monogamous in that they mate for life, symbolise this in a unique manner. Both birds help build the nest, both birds share the long days and nights of incubation necessary to bring the eggs to a point where they will hatch. Both adult birds then go on to shoulder all the duties of parenthood and will defend their nest with a ferocity that is only ever displayed during parenthood. Nothing then epitomises the human duties of marriage and family commitment quite as well as do doves. Purity, monogamy, gentleness, caring and sharing.

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Write a review of Doves Of Donegal

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Lovey Dovey Weddings Fly High

Dove expert Lovey Dovey UK reveals how you can indulge in the ultimate symbol of love, peace and fidelity.

Rod and Lynne Morgan founded Lovey Dovey in May 2007. They were the first legitimate white dove release company to set up in Wales and have provided doves for over 600 ceremonies.

How did you get into the wedding industry?

My husband has kept homing pigeons for over 25 years, and he is absolutely fantastic with them. I always wished there was something we could do that would involve his pigeons, and we stumbled across a site (Calgary Doves in Canada) from where we got the idea.

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Everyone knows how important a wedding day is. Why not make it extra special with a beautiful white dove release.
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