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Sarah Jessica Parker's Dreams For Her Kids

Sarah Jessica Parker hopes her children enjoy their experiences and grow up happy rather than being pushed for success.

The actress is mum to teenager James, aged 16, and 10-year-old twin daughters Marion and Tabitha with her husband Matthew Broderick.

Despite her fame and fortune, the 'Sex And The City' star would rather her children follow their own path.

The 54-year-old told Entertainment Tonight: "I think what's important for them to see is that I like being a working person, and it's hard and it's interesting to me.

"I'm a curious person. Really, what I like to share with them is being curious has rewards and they don't come immediately. It's a cumulation of curiosity and asking questions and seeking out opportunities.

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"But what I want to tell them is curiosity is the gateway to all sorts of things you might never have imagined.

"And success is not the destination point for me and I don't want them to focus on success because I think it's come to me too much."

The Carrie Bradshaw actress continued: "The destination is having experiences, learning how to be with other people and what are coping mechanisms in a challenging day?

"What do you learn by something that seems scary or forbidden in some way?

"What is it like to try to do something that you feel you're not good at? Or have a relationship with somebody in your classroom that on the surface would appear somebody that you're not going to connect with?

"I think the more we learn about each other and the more we run toward the unknown, the more empathy we build, the more understanding we have."

Sarah is often grounded by her children, who are more interested in talking about what's been going in their own lives than their celebrity mother's.

"It's school and interning and soccer," she explained.

"Conversations about university and how to spend time, and where's everyone's stuff that's missing?"


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"Sarah Jessica Parker hopes her children enjoy their experiences and grow up happy rather than being pushed for success."