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Maren Morris On Her Lessons In Marriage

Maren Morris has spoken of what she has learned about herself during her marriage to Ryan Hurd.

The Country singer praised her husband for always being accepting of her decisions, and said their union has taught her she's not always right.

Speaking to Playboy magazine for their Gender and Sexuality issue, the Grammy award winner said: "It's taught me that I'm not always right. I've been doing this music thing for so long that it's how I'm conditioned. Letting someone else in and letting him be a part of that with me has been a bigger struggle than I imagined. It's so easy to fall in love, but to stay in love and to fall deeper into love? That's work. It's not giving up your stance but allowing yourself to listen. You both could be right; just because you disagree with somebody doesn't mean they're wrong."

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And Maren said she's learned more about herself as a person through tying the knot with Ryan, who she wed in 2018. "Being married for the past year has also helped me figure out more who I am independently," she added. "For example, my husband is very much a feminist, and I've never really done anything that's freaked him out. He has always been accepting."


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"Maren Morris has spoken of what she has learned about herself during her marriage to Ryan Hurd."