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Matt Smith Thinks Claire Foy Is Brilliant

Matt Smith thinks his co-star Claire Foy is "brilliant" and has thrown his weight behind her amid the gender pay gap scandal.

The pair starred together in Netflix drama The Crown, which was thrown into controversy when it was revealed Matt was paid significantly more, despite having less screen time than Claire, who played Queen Elizabeth II.

Producers claimed the actor was awarded more due to his high profile as Dr Who, and Matt has since spoken out how he "fully supports Claire".

"We were suddenly thrust into this discussion that none of us knew anything about. But we had a sense of unity, and I fully support Claire. Claire is interested in good things and good people. She is f***ing brilliant; she is compelling, beguiling, interesting, irreverent. If she could hear me now she would be sticking two fingers up at me. The only challenge is trying to get her out."

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The actress recently admitted that she was "deeply" hurt by the pay gap scandal, and felt compelled to vocalise her opinion, otherwise she would have been "cheating herself and all the other women she knows".

"I'd been working on that show for two years. I loved everybody on it. And then I realised, there's been a big, fat, dirty secret that nobody's ever talked about. But then there was also that thing of being an inadvertent spokesperson. Why did it have to be me? I could have said nothing. And I think everyone would have preferred that. But I thought, if I do that, I will be cheating myself."


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"Matt Smith thinks his co-star Claire Foy is "brilliant" and has thrown his weight behind her amid the gender pay gap scandal."