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Ellie Goulding 'Very Sad' Relationship With DJ Ended

Ellie Goulding has opened up about her split from DJ Greg James.

The Starry Eyed singer dated the Radio 1 host for 18 months before they broke-up from him last year blaming work commitments.

She told YOU magazine: ''I was naive to think my relationship with Greg James wouldn't be in the spotlight. I fell in love with him because he's very positive and intelligent and a really good person. I thought it would be fine, that it would last forever.

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"That I had fallen in love with someone so purely and simply was amazing to me. It was very sad that it didn't work out and was down to factors such as not being able to see each other much.

"When I was young I would read about people who had broken up because they hardly ever saw each other and I would think, 'That's rubbish. You can always make it work if you're in love.' It's so sad to me that you can't - so much about a relationship is about being together.''


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"Ellie Goulding has opened up about her split from DJ Greg James."